Marilyn McMullen

USDA - Farm Services Agency
Farm Loan Programs Chief
Bozeman, MT
Marilyn has 35+ years experience with the agriculture loan program with USDA, first Farmers Home Administration and now Farm Service Agency.  She was a state specialist for 18 years working mostly with litigation cases and loan servicing in Montana.  After spending two years in the USDA, Farm Service Agency’s national office as a Senior Loan Officer she returned to Montana and now holds the position of Loan Program Chief.

She oversees the agriculture loan program within the state of Montana and provides guidance and training to other FSA’s loan staff around the state. The loan program is administered by ten loan teams in FSA’s service centers with loan staff located in thirteen of the 48 office locations.

USDA, Farm Service Agency’s loan program serves approximately 1,000 agricultural producers with an outstanding balance of $181,800,000 and a delinquency rate of only 4.2% of the borrowers.