Jennifer Reeve

Plants Soils and Climate - Utah State University
Associate Professor Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
Logan, UT
The overall goal of my research is to develop strategies for organic and integrated annual and perennial crop production adapted to shallow alkaline soils, short growing seasons, cold winters and hot summers. My aim is to improve soil health, crop quality, on farm biodiversity, and reduce reliance on external inputs for improved agricultural sustainability. To this end, I assess farming systems at plot, field, farm, landscape and regional scales through a combination of local and multi-state trials to determine viable agricultural systems for Utah in the face of expanding urban growth, increased competition for water and climate change. Specific objectives are to:
1) Evaluate effects of different treatment combinations (crop rotation, cover crops, compost, mulch) on changes in nutrient cycling, water use, weeds, and yield of agronomic and fruit crops.
2) Assess cropping systems for soil health and carbon and nitrogen storage potential.
3) Determine mechanisms responsible for long-term persistence of compost in calcareous and non-calcareous dryland soils.